Lots of fun in the water

The water play equipment guarantees hours of fun. Our extensive range of water attractions, which can be combined by means of steps, plateaus and roofs, make all our water playgrounds a resounding success. The children will definitely want to come here more often.

Safe climbing and clambering

Climbing and clambering are good for children’s motor development. It also challenges the child to extend his/her limits in terms of the different height levels and slides. The water playgrounds are designed in compliance with European safety standards. For example, all steps are equipped with a standard anti-slip layer. As a result, you know your guests can play in your water play set-up safely and without a care.


Upgrade your children's pool by installing a water playground. Our options are endless. Everything is possible; from S to XXL. Mix fun and play by adding various water slides and shooting objects, but also consider adding a surprise effect by integrating a tumbler at the highest level. The different play functions on your water play device will keep your children surprised and interested.

Integration of special effects

The water playground can be decorated with a wide range of sustainable and interactive elements. How about a play element with light and sound effects that’s activated without the use of power? The children will need to generate their own power to enjoy the interactive game. It’s also possible to integrate steering wheels, push buttons and hand pumps that activate water effects.

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