First contact

After you’ve made contact with one of our experts, we’ll start working on the design phase of a unique water playground for you on site and without any further obligations.

Information gathering

Our colleagues will ask you a number of questions to form a clear picture of your needs and wishes. This can be done by email or telephone, but a personal visit is no problem at all. We will discuss topics, such as the available space and budget, and the style that appeals to you most.

Design phase with 3D proposal

Our designers will then go to work to visualise your needs and wishes in a 3D design based on the information they obtained. This first 3D design will serve as the discussion point to further fine-tune your projects.

Drafting the quotation

If you are satisfied with the 3D design, we will compile an offer to give you an idea of the costs. After that, our sales colleague will contact you to discuss whether everything is to your satisfaction or whether you would like any further changes. Based on that, we may draw up a new 3D design and quotation.

Signature of order confirmation

Once you’re completely satisfied with the design and you’ve issued the order for your unique water playground, our specialists will start working on your project.

Delivery of technical specifications

Once the order has been signed, we will also need to receive all the relevant technical data. This includes, among other things, data related to the depth of the water and the diameter of the water pipes. We will use these data to produce the products according to the requirements of your location.

In the case of a completely new water play area, our engineers will also prepare a drawing of the pipelines. Your contractor can then get started on the preparatory work.

Start of the production process

The production process will start once all the technical data have been submitted. The delivery time officially starts at this point. Aqua Drolics aims for a delivery time of 6-8 weeks, but this could differ during busy periods. Your contact person will inform you about the estimated delivery time of your project.

Communication about status

If you have opted to have the products installed by Aqua Drolics’ technical specialists, the service departments will contact you a few weeks before the planned installation date. They will update you on the current status and ask you to send in some photos of the location. Based on this information, we will schedule a definite installation date in consultation with you.

Delivery of the products

When the products are ready, the service department will contact you to coordinate the delivery. The products and installation equipment will be transported to your location by the agreed delivery method.

Do you want our technicians to install the products on location? If so, they will install everything on site on the agreed installation date. You will not have to worry about a thing and can be assured of excellent quality and the proper installation of the products. We always prefer to test the operation of the products with water after installation.

High time for some fun in the water!

Camping Palmira Beach Final Result

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