Create lots of fun in the water with water attractions

"Water sprayers" is the largest category within our standard range. We have more than 150 products in this category that will turn your children's pool into a real swimming paradise. There are plenty of water sprayers in the range to match all ages: from the smallest infants to older children.

Fun in the water

All our water attractions come with water jets. All water play products can be connected to existing water supply connections, but the water jets can also be activated by the children’s actions. For example, by adding a hand pump to your product, the children will be able to activate the water jets themselves. Or you can install a steering wheel, push-buttons and other types of sensors to create water jets.  

Interactive water attractions

Looking for something extra? It's possible. No power supply is needed for our products, so it’s always possible to add something extra to these sustainable solutions. For example, you might want to integrate fun play elements, where children can press buttons as fast as possible before it's "game over"? Or maybe you’re just looking for extra effects? In addition to water effects, you can also choose to integrate sound, light and smoke in the products.

Colour adjustments

Maybe the shapes of the standard products appeal to you, but you still have doubts about the exact colour composition? Each water play object is custom-made by Aqua Drolics and can easily be manufactured in different colours. Tell our sales team exactly what you want and they’ll look at alternative colour combinations with you.

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