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This beautifully renovated swimming pool (2019), located in the north of the Netherlands has various facilities. A competition pool, bubble baths, a subtropical part and a toddler pool. Together with Stan de Haas (project coordinator and visual manager), Aqua Drolics and Islide were allowed to participate in this makeover. Aqua Drolics has redesigned existing play elements into the new style, decorated pillars and added new products. The addition of the photo walls of Stan de Haas makes this swimming pool complete and a true swimming paradise!
The outdoor area of this pool has a toddler pool, a large pool, a sunbathing area and two playgrounds. Enough to do for a nice day out!

Mascot Tropie and custom made products

Swimmingpool Tropiqua was looking for a new look and an appropriate logo. The new logo had to match the theme and there he was; Tropie! A mascot with a friendly look has been added to the logo and can be found throughout the bath. This mascot is very recognizable among the children. You can have your picture taken with Tropie and play with him in the toddler pool. This special has been made interactive by adding extra play elements, specially developed for in the water.
In an other bath Aqua Drolics has placed a custom-made jeep with a slide and interactive game elements. The large pool has been made more exciting by the placement of tumble mangos and a large wooden tumble tower with 500 liters of water! The swimming pool has been completely renovated and is as good as new again.

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