Hours of watery fun

Let the children play in an imaginative fairytale environment with plenty of watery surprises. Make the pirate island or knight's castle from Aqua Drolics’ amazing range a reality for your bathing guests. A fun-filled theme for younger and older children. 

Surprise your guests

You’re sure to choose the perfect eye-catcher if you go for the Knights & Pirates theme. The pirate ship and knight's castle really stand out and will immediately attract the children’s full attention. By adding other water attractions, the children will be challenged and a great playtime guaranteed. Sliding down many different slides, treasure hunting, water fights with water cannons and clambering all over the playground equipment - fantasy is given free rein within this theme.

Mascot in a pirate jacket

You can also add other play elements, such as palm trees, parrots and exciting animals, including sharks and crocodiles, for an even more sensational experience. Do you have your own mascot or another cool idea to add to this theme? We’re the specialist par excellence in customisation and we'd be happy to create your water play product. Would you like it to match the theme perfectly? Adding nice matching items such as pirate hats and a parrot on your shoulder is no problem.