Let your imagination run free

The Aqua Drolics modular bath system makes it possible to create ideal children's pools for your location. The bath elements come in three standard styles, namely, Multi-coloured, Jungle and Farmyard, but all three can easily be adapted to match your requirements.

Combine and expand endlessly

The paddling pool is composed of various bath elements. These elements form the basis of the children's pool. The different elements can be combined in endless arrays, making all kinds of shapes and sizes possible. It’s also possible to further expand the paddling pool in the future by adding new elements at a later stage.

Installed by professionals

Due to the complexity of the pool system, Aqua Drolics professionals will always install the paddling pool at your location. The elements are attached directly to an existing hardened and levelled floor. The floor of the children's pool is then permanently laminated to the bath elements to make the bottom 100% watertight. The standard water depth of the pool is 22 centimetres.

The benefits of the Aqua Drolics paddling pool:

1. The elements are made of glass fibre reinforced polyester that is very strong and UV and scratch resistant. 

2. The appealing colours attract young bathers; they’ll want to jump in straight away. 

3. And parents can relax on the edge of the paddling pool while the children play. 

4. The preparations are relatively simple compared to other swimming pool systems.

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