Fight like a pirate!

Legoland billund is Denmark’s most famous and popular amusement park for families and children of all ages. With so much fun, speed and action for the whole family, one day is just absolutely not enough!

Playing in Pirateland

Pirateland was Legoland’s first real attempt to boost the excitement level of the entire park. Pirateland is basically a water park with pirates as theme. It has very little to do with Lego. This does not mean that this section of the park is not enjoyable. It is actually a great addition to the park. Pirateland had several rides and also hosts a variety of Pirate Games. The best part of Pirateland is The Pirate Lagoon which was added to the park in 2008. The Lagoon is home to the Pirate Splash Battle. Visitors have the opportunity to attempt to participate in a sea battle where they can try to protect their ship, which is armed with water cannons, from other attacking pirate ships!

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