An absolute must in the pool

A water playground without a children's slide is almost inconceivable. Climbing and clambering is not only fun for the children, but also good physical exercise. The professional Aqua Drolics water slides range from a large pool slide for the whole family to small toddler slides for younger children. 

Safe sliding

Safety and quality are important at Aqua Drolics. All children's slides are produced and installed in accordance with European standards and are TUV approved. Your bathing guests will therefore be able to slide down all the slides in our range safely. 

Would you like to design your own slide?

Would you prefer a different figure on the side of the slide instead of a dolphin or crocodile? It’s possible to personalise the sides to your own requirements. For example, you may have a mascot or a theme-based swimming pool at your location. You can easily customise the sides, the sliding surface and/or the colours. Discuss your ideas with our sales team and they’ll prepare a 3D proposal for you without any further obligations.  

All combinations possible

A slide can be adjusted in width, length and height, and can therefore be combined easily with water play equipment and other types of water play figures such as play ships and castles. 

Have you given some thought to your own project?

Why not discuss the available options with us?