Fun in the water with a farmyard atmosphere

Bring the farmer’s life to your pool with the Aqua Drolics farmyard theme. We offer large and small farmyard items and, of course, we can also make your own ideas come true in your water play environment. 

Swimming with the piggies

Toddlers and preschoolers love recognisable animals such as pigs, cows, chickens and sheep. The kids can climb all over the animals and spray water by activating a hand pump. We can also add matching items such as a tractor with a water slide or a windmill with a tumbling bucket. Do you have a mascot? We’d be happy to tailor your own mascot to the farmyard theme. 

From water element to real paddling pool

Aqua Drolics can set up a complete paddling pool in the farmyard theme. We’ll use separate pool elements to create exactly the pool you want. You could even start with a smaller paddling pool and expand it with extra modules in the future.  

Would you like to bring the farmer’s life to your swimming pool?

Ask us about the possibilities