Amazing fun in the water in a relaxed atmosphere

Would you like to spend a day at the beach at your own toddler pool? Then why not go for our Beach theme? Our beach elements guaranteee hours of fun and match every environment perfectly. We can't wait to help you to create your own toddler pool so that children can enjoy a relaxing day at this tropical getaway.

Put the beach at your location

This child-friendly theme matches every environment perfectly. A typical selection from our range includes a lighthouse with a slide, a beach ball with a water fountain, and a funny seal. But there are other, even cooler items such as the killer whale, the shark and the quay that also work with this theme beautifully. And everything has a simple, friendly and recognisable appearance for your bathers.

Further product development

The beach theme items are hugely popular amongst younger guests. These water sprayers are unique thanks to our years of experience, own designs and production. Aqua Drolics can customise each play element to suit your location; all in playful colours that match the theme. And all the water play elements are safe and compliant with European Standards. Parents can enjoy "the beach" while the children enjoy themselves in "the sea". 

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