Safety and quality



“We believe that our customers should be able to enjoy these fun and safe products for a long time to come. Therefor we put our focus on the highest quality standards!” - Eric de Graauw, Managing Director, Aqua Drolics.


Safety and quality are of paramount importance at Aqua Drolics. During the production process we will ensure that both the safety and the quality of the products is safeguarded. From start to finish, close attention is paid from the design of the project to the installation of the products.


Our team of professionals additionally designs the products according to fixed guidelines for safety and quality. This makes it possible to have your products delivered with a TÜV certificate, giving you tangible proof of the safety and quality of products.


What is TÜV?
TÜV verifies and certifies the safety, performance and quality of technical equipment, capital goods, durable goods and consumer products. TÜV certifications offer reliability, security and quality! With TÜV certificates you are protected against safety issues.


Certification products Aqua Drolics
Most of Aqua Drolics’s products are certified by the TÜV Netherlands. If a product doesn’t have a certificate yet, Aqua Drolics can obtain certification for the standard products. Do you have a customized product? No problem! For an additional fee Aqua Drolics can also certify it.


Standard design, production and installation
The products meet the safety and health requirements mandated by Dutch law and they are also conform to the European standards EN 1069, EN 1176 and EN 13451.

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