Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. The questions are there to help you to find a quick and common answer. Please click on the questions to see the answers.


If these Frequently Asked Questions do not give a solution to your problem, or the right answer to your question(s), you are always welcome to contact us so that we can help you further.


What are the business hours of Aqua Drolics?

From Monday to Thursday we are always reachable from 07.30 to 17.00 hours. On Friday we are reachable from 07.30 to 16.00 hours.


How do I receive my offer?

You will receive your offer by e-mail, with drawings of the top view. If you would also like to receive a hard-copy of your offer, you can ask your contact person at any time.


What is the delivery time?

The standard delivery time of our products is 6 to 8 weeks. If you want a special/custom made product, you can contact our Sales department for an estimate of the delivery time: You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Which colours can I choose from?

Any colours from our standard colour palette. For other colour options you can contact our sales department:

Is it possible for me to realize my own ideas into a product?

Yes, next to our standard products we also make customized products and specials.

What is exactly included in a toddler pool?

We deliver the toddler pool itself, products, floor, wells and the over-ground piping.

What kind of materials does Aqua Drolics use for the products?

Polyester, fiberglass mats and resin. Due to the high quality materials, the life expectancy of the products, if well-maintained, is very long.

Can I adapt an existing product if I want to?

If you want to adapt an existing Aqua Drolics product, you can contact us about it. You cannot adapt an Aqua Drolics product by yourself.

What is the average life expectancy of the products of Aqua Drolics?

This depends on the usage of the products and their maintenance. If you want to know anything about the maintenance of the products you can either contact us or look at our maintenance page. All of the products by Aqua Drolics are made in the Netherlands at our establishment in Best and are made of high quality materials which ensure a very long life expectancy.

Where can I find the Aqua Drolics products?

You are always welcome to visit our office and workplace in Best, the Netherlands, where our production site is established. Furthermore, Aqua Drolics is represented at a lot of different exhibitions around the entire world where you can also see examples of our products. See our exhibition calendar for more information.

For our toddler poolswater play products, slides, water playgrounds, spray parks, play ships or custom-made products, you can click the product category of your choice. You can also search for reference projects nearby your location.


Do I need a water connection?

With spouting objects you need a water connection. For products with a hand pump this is not necessary.

To what standards are the products of Aqua Drolics tested?

The majoruty of our standard products is TUV approved and certified, in conformity with the current DIN and European norms.

How are the products fixed/mounted?

The products are always fixed/mounted with chemical ground anchors.

Are there pumps/filtration systems included in the products?

No, there are no electrical pumps of filtration systems included in our products. We only deliver the water play objects and the pool elements. But it is possible to purchase the needed equipment via Aqua Drolics.

Are the fixing materials included?

Yes, they are included.

Which waters are suitable for products of Aqua Drolics?

All waters that are used by people to swim in, I.e. salt waters, fresh waters and chlorine waters, are suitable for the products of Aqua Drolics.


Are there any extra costs when I would like to receive some reserve articles?

Yes, we calculate an amount of €12,50 per delivery.

Is there a warranty on the hand pumps/membranes/cuffs?

Aqua Drolics does not offer a warranty on moving parts. These are products that will last, depending on the usage, from 2 months to 6 years.

What are the terms and conditions of delivery and sales?

You can view and download our terms and conditions of delivery and sales here.


On what day will Aqua Drolics deliver the products?

  • When your order from Aqua Drolics is complete, someone from Aqua Drolics will contact you on the Thursday or Friday before the week of delivery to inform you about the exact delivery day and time.


  • By ex works, unless otherwise agreed, the products will be ready in the week which is agreed by the order confirmation.

Can Aqua Drolics also provide for the assembly?

Aqua Drolics can provide the assembly of water play objects, as well as a complete toddler pool, over the entire world. We are pleased to make a custom quote for you. You can send a request to our Sales department: Please mention the exact location of the project when sending your request. You will receive a customized quote as soon as possible.

Any questions?

If you have specific questions or enquiries, please contact our sales department.
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