Toddler pools


Toddler Pools
The modular wading pool is made out of different elements. The variety of elements that Aqua Drolics offers for creating a toddler pool make it possible to choose your own shape and dimension of the kids pool.


The elements are available in standard styles: the coloured style and the jungle style. The different styles are colourful and so very attractive to even the youngest of children. Water play products can be added to the wading pool to guarantee extra water-fun for the youngest guests.


The toddler pool will be installed by Aqua Drolics specialists, as this is quite complex. The pool systems will be placed directly onto the existing floor. The floor of the kids pool will be laminated around the elements to make the fitting water-tight. The standard water depth of the pool is 22 centimeters, (8.7 inches).


The Advantages
A wading pool from Aqua Drolics offers several advantages:

  • The elements are manufactured from high quality Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP), which is: very strong, UV resistant and scratch resistant;
  • The bright colours attract children and make them want to jump right in;
  • While the children are playing, the parents can sit and relax at the side of the kids pool;
  • The preparations are relatively easy compared to other wading pools.


Take a look at the different themes for your own toddler pool and do not hesitate to contact us about the possibilities for your specific situation!


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Aqua Drolics makes toddler pools of high quality. The materials we use are fibreglass mats and resin. The wading pool have a long-lasting durability as do the toddler pool, with correct and regular maintenance. For more information about the maintenance of our toddler pool, please take a look at our FAQ and Maintenance pages.

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