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A professional water play ship of Aqua Drolics is the vastest product in the standard assortment. The design, production process and maintenance of a water play pirate ship is a challenging project that Aqua Drolics has taken on in the past, and with great success.


Participate in the design phase

A water play ship can be designed with different shapes and dimensions. The water play ship will be adjusted to your specific situation. Every water play ship will be designed in consultation with the customer, so you can let your imagination run wild. There are numerous possibilities to make your wishes come true.


Add even more fun!

To further complete the water play ship, it is possible to add various water play elements or slides. Most of our water play products are interactive and come with water spouting effects, which guarantees water fun.

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Extra Information Play Ships

Aqua Drolics has a water play ship and a water play pirate ship in the assortment. The professional water play ship is child friendly and is made of good, high quality materials such as: polyester and resin. As a water play ship manufacturer the excellent quality of a professional water play pirate ship is assured due to it's long lasting durability, with correct and regular maintenance. You can find more information on our FAQ and Maintenance pages. 

Aqua Drolics delivers a professional water play pirate ship in these different forms:
Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship Classic
Viking Ship
Pirate ship wreck
- Colourful Ship 


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