Custom made


Are you looking for that one special water play element that finishes off your location? Or have you always wanted to add your own mascot to your children's pool? Aqua Drolics is able to help you.



We involve the customer during the design of the Specials. You can choose to have your own mascot produced as a water play product, but you can also modify an existing product by adding your own preferences, or even give your own input for a totally new design!


If you have special needs and you are not able to meet them with the standard range, please feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you.


Below are pictures of some customized products that are already realized.



  • Clowns mirror
    Clowns mirror
  • Entrance sign
    Entrance sign
  • Gnome mirror
    Gnome mirror
  • Goose shower
    Goose with shower
  • Penguin
  • Stool and table
    Stool & Table
  • Wrapper table with bath
    Wrappertable with bath
  • 1 14.jpg
    Animal with trumpet
  • 9631 - Mascot
    Mascot Gloopy
  • beach.jpg
  • 1 46.jpg
    Farao Prow
  • hippo.jpg
  • 1 50.jpg
  • giant.jpg
  • palace.jpg
  • Pinguin.jpg
  • elephant.jpg
    Purple Blue pool
  • gull.jpg
    Sea gull
  • seal.jpg
  • snake.jpg
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Any questions?

If you have specific questions or enquiries, please contact our sales department.
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Sales coordinator / Responsabile commerciale Italia
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