1110 9631 Glapy button
max. 1800 mm


Tailor-made swimming pool!
Our children's pools in beach theme, can be made in all shapes and sizes. That's what makes these pools so unique! This paddling pool fits in every location. Because we use separate elements of 1 meter, 2 meters, cubes and corners, any shape is possible. In addition, the material is very strong, UV and scratch resistant.
In the elements are seats designed so parents can sit here while children play. Several water play products can be added in the pool, from water animals to castle to ship! Ask our designers to make a 3D drawing for your project, so you can see how your location can be provided with a tailor-made water play paradise!

The toddler pool can be only installed by our professionals, because it is specialized work. The elements have to be placed on the existing floor. The floor will be laminated so the toddler pool is waterproof. The standard water depth is 220 mm.

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1110 9631
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