Playtime pleasure amongst the water jets

Are you looking for a cooling option for your guests, but would rather not have a swimming pool? A spray park is a water playground on a flat floor with water, but without depth. This means no supervisory staff are required because there is no drowning risk. You can integrate an endless range of stainless steel and/or polyester water play elements in a spray park where everyone, from the young to the young at heart, will be able to enjoy themselves for many years.

Suitable for all kinds of spaces

We have installed spray parks in public areas and commercial places, such as camp-sites and playgrounds almost everywhere in the world. Spray parks can be assembled indoors and outdoors, and they make a nice addition to a terrace. The different colours, shapes, splashing and falling water immediately attract the children’s attention; in the meantime, their parents can enjoy a drink. 

What does the system look like?

Spray parks can be installed on various types of surfaces. For example, a water-permeable floor or simply a concrete floor. Your contractor must, however, connect all the necessary piping before the floor is laid/poured. Once the floor has been laid/poured, Aqua Drolics will add the finishing touches to the spray park. Our technicians will ensure all the water sprayers are securely attached to the sub-floor and that the spray park is ready for use. 

Dynamic playtime

Run, jump and play together. Spray parks bring people together on hot summer’s days. Both the young and the young at heart will enjoy the cooling effects of our spray parks.  Complete the experience by adding a specific theme or your own mascot. Take on the adventure and create a unique playing experience for your guests. 

Do you need some inspiration?

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